2019 in review: Our top 5 blog articles

Discover the blog articles that were the most read in 2019

Posted: January 10, 2020

Chocolate Box Cottages

As a new decade starts, it’s time to reflect on a successful 2019. A year that started with political uncertainty and ended with a landslide general election result. Throughout that time we’ve continued to see excellent results in the property markets. With an end to the uncertainty in sight, 2020 promises to be an exciting year.

In this series of posts, we’ll look back at our top properties, social media posts and blog articles from 2019.

We’ve already looked at our most popular social media posts and our most viewed properties of 2019. In the final part, we look at the most popular content from our blog…

Top 5 blog articles in 2019

Our blog is full of interesting articles related to our region and the property market in general. The most read articles of 2019 are shown below…

5. Barn conversions: Everything you need to know

Barn conversions are increasingly popular in East Anglia. In this article we discovered the history of barn conversions in the UK, highlighted what you need to know before buying one and why they’re so popular.


john constable flatford mill

4. East Anglia in Art

East Anglia is the setting for endless beautiful countryside scenes. That explains why it’s featured so prominently in some of the most popular paintings by British artists. In this ever-popular blog, written in 2017, we looked at the works of Sir Alfred Munnings, Lucien Freud, Thomas Gainsborough, Thomas Churchyard and Suffolk’s most famous son, John Constable and his most famous oil painting, The Hay Wain.


Top image / John Constable Flatford Mill – This work is in the public domain – Used under creative commons license

Water towers Suffolk

3. Going with the flow

Water towers are a feature of our East Anglian landscapes, but how are water towers built and why do we need them? These are the questions we answered in our 2017 blog Going with the flow. Originally published in Rooftops, our luxury property and lifestyle magazine, this remains one of our most popular ever posts.


Victorian Properties

2. What is the difference between a Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Property?

Published in November 2018, this guide to period properties was our second most read of 2019. As specialists in unique and interesting properties we often come across listed buildings from different periods of British history. This article highlights the key differences between the eras, and remains a very useful source of information.


Chocolate Box Cottages

1. What makes a chocolate box cottage?

Originally published in October 2017 to celebrate National Chocolate Week, we never knew how popular this piece about chocolate box properties would be. Our most read blog article of 2018  your love for the thatched roofs, charming windows with distinctive leadwork, local building materials and cascading flowers has made this our most read article for the second year running.


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