An artist flourishing in her natural habitat

A look at the work of Hessett-based painter Ruth Simpson

Posted: February 14, 2018

Ruth Simpson

Ruth Simpson is a contemporary artist living near Hessett in Suffolk and her studio is at the end of a quarter mile stretch of farm track. It is idyllic and the very reason Ruth’s love of painting has flourished.

Having lived in Suffolk for 10 years she has got used to the rolling hills and ancient coppice woods that surround her. Ruth works mainly in acrylic paints and inks to recreate nature’s theatre and portray her perspective of the natural world. Many of her paintings show swathes of wildflowers that have self-seeded on field edges and in quintessentially English cottage gardens.

She says: “My love of the British countryside inspires my artwork, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The changing seasons in nature influence my paintings, I love the transformations in colour, texture and light and hope to highlight and showcase our rich countryside.’

Ruth studied at the University of Central Lancashire and upon graduation felt the pull back to East Anglia, where her love of painting developed and a career in Fine Art began. Over recent years her painting techniques have flourished so that she has created a style of her own and can “capture the drama and emotion of the scene”.

Ruth is a member of Iceni Botanical Artists and Bury Art Society, and her artwork can be seen in ‘Pocock’s the artmonger’ in Burnham Market and Wildwood Gallery arrange exclusive home visits .

For an up to date list of events please go to website or contact Ruth on 07891563466 or Wildwood Gallery on 07710532735.


Images copyright Ruth Simpson. Top photo Orwell estuary.

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