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Posted: December 18, 2017

Rooftops Magazine Winter 2017

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We also hope that you might want to consider buying, selling or letting a property through us as well – but if not, at least you’ll know what we do and where to come to when a professional service is required.

I wrote last time about the strength of our lettings business; I’m pleased to report that the success continues with increasing numbers of landlords using our management services. We believe there will continue to be a growing demand for property to rent, for a variety of economic and social reasons: for that reason you will increasingly see our presence in the lettings market. Once again, landlords, please consider our services.

We have just finished a highly satisfactory 12 months in property sales, but where London leads, we inevitably follow. Brexit negotiations, stamp duty, political worries and an increase in the interest rate (a quarter point rise, or a 100% increase depending upon whether you’re a glass half full or half empty sort of person) has meant a slowing in the volume of enquiries. Nonetheless the number of houses coming to the market remains at an all time low – and sales are continuing at a healthily steady rate. Houses in the upper end of the market look inexpensive relative to comparable property elsewhere in such proximity to London, but we don’t expect any rise in values in the foreseeable future. As ever, a correctly priced house sells, and we need a lot more of them please!

Thank you for your attention and have a peaceful, prosperous and healthy winter.

Best wishes

David Burr

Posted: December 18, 2017   •   Posted in: General News

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