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                   play when the main character, Clara, discovers that pineapples are being stolen from the Earl’s hothouses and she sets out to discover who the thief is, leading her to uncover many other secrets in and around the gardens.
Why children’s books and not adult?
Because children’s books were where I discovered my love of reading and writing, and if I can do that for other children that would make me very happy and it all worthwhile.
Weaving history into novels seems to be popular – presumably it makes the writing/story telling more interesting? I love historical fiction, as whichever
era you write about there is immediately a great starting point for the story, with the opportunity for including lots of interesting details from that time.
Are there other parts of Suffolk that interest you novel-wise?
Yes, lots! I have another idea for a book based in Bury St Edmunds bubbling away and I would love to write a book set on the Suffolk coast.
My second book (published in 2020) is set in Edwardian Cambridge, so not too far from Suffolk. People often say, ‘write what you know’, and there is so much interesting history in this beautiful part of the country I think I’ve ‘
Landmark: The West Wing at Ickworth

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