Testimonial: Peter & Susan Cunard

Peter & Susan Cunard

We had made the decision, after 25 years it was time to leave our family home. The decision was difficult enough and we were more than saddened to be leaving.  We were dreading the whole selling process. Estate Agents’ don’t have the best reputation but having done our research, we decided to go with David Burr as we felt they would be right for our lovely house, and for us. The people there seemed different, and in particular, Lewis Wingate and the Bury team actually cared about making a contribution and sparing us as much pain and difficulty as possible.  It wasn’t easy , we were struck with a general election, the chaos of Brexit and then Covid 19….so a triple whammy made life impossible.

With all of this, we then suffered an aborted sale – right at the last minute the buyer pulled out – this is the sort of thing they make movies out of. Through all of this the ‘White Knight’ in the form of Lewis and his team kept our spirits up and the viewings kept coming.  They showed such determination and affection for our house that they were like the proverbial dog with the bone, giving up weekends, making Sunday phone calls and keeping things rolling on. When we did find a buyer, they just excelled in handholding the buyer’s and us by guiding us through the great tubs of treacle that you suffer when selling a house dealing with  solicitors, surveyors, valuations, planning permissions, and chasing all the details and mountains of paper work.

We sold our house to a lovely family who will take it on to another level and cherish it as much as we did.  We don’t really think that would have been possible without the terrific help, care and determination of Lewis Wingate and the magic touch that David Burr, as a leading East Anglia estate agent, can deliver. Thank you

Peter & Susan Cunard February 10, 2021