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                    Says Deb (pictured above)
“I started weaving over 20 years ago after an arts conference at Writtle College where I worked as a horticultural instructor. During my 25 years there, I used to get involved and organise some of the ‘arty’ ideas around campus. I teach weaving at various places such as Hyde Hall and Beth Chatto Gardens, Flatford Mill, Norfolk Creative Arts, Watershed Studios and from home. I also give talks and am a registered speaker for the RHS and WI but happy to go to other clubs and organisations.
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A story telling dome
I made this dome at Hyde Hall a few years ago. There is also an installation like this that I created at Marks Hall Gardens with a few of my students.
This 15 metre long whale was created for the arts festival in Harwich a few years ago. The challenge was constructing it on sand and trying to maintain its shape. It was all natural materials so that it could decompose. There was a gap so that children could get inside the whale. As the pectoral fins came away I understand that the local children would repair it on their way home from school.
The Suffolk Punch
The Suffolk Punch below was made for a school in the county with every child weaving at least one peace of willow through it. It was made to go in a garden they were creating for the Suffolk Show many years ago.

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