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                   David Burr
Tim Rutter
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Welcome to another edition of ‘Rooftops’. Before writing this editorial I reviewed previous editions; the message remains the same, many will continue to prevaricate until we have clarity on our economic and political future. Life continues, but with a certain hesitancy.
For both sales and lettings there is continuing demand (I’m pleased to say our figures for the last six months healthily exceed those same months of the previous year). For sales the volume of new enquiries is subtly different, lower but with much greater focus. There is less property for sale but priced correctly, they sell promptly. On the lettings side, demand continues – a situation that will be exacerbated by legislation penalising private landlords; but if you’ve got a property to let, we have a great many potential tenants registered!
So how do we see the future?
On sales, London has seen values decline as much as 10% in some areas. However, informed anecdotal evidence suggests the low point might have been reached and when demand rebounds we expect to see a resurgent market. The ripples from London do affect our market, in both tidal streams, but the waves are pretty small when they reach us. None the less the associated media outburst will undoubtedly release the pent up demand and fences will no longer be sat upon.
The message is clear; if you want to buy, buy now!
Best wishes, David Burr
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