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  10 great plants for your garden as chosen by Paugers Plants
                   We are often asked for advice on what to grow and what plants to put together. Here are a few of our favourites.
1. SALVIA - There are a huge number of varieties. Size varies from 30 cm for the front of the border to 1.5 m at the back. Colours vary from
cream to red to pink to bright purple and blue. There is a Salvia for just about everywhere and everyone! Except shade - they all like a bit of sun.
2. HEUCHERA - A foliage plant for the border or a container. Scalloped leaves form a tidy and uniform mound and come in a myriad of colours.
Above and left, views of the Arnold’s own garden next to the nursery
These range from red, brown, purple, green, silver, peach, orange, plum, black and lime. Some of the leaves are solid colour but many of them have veining or fading. We stock about 30 varieties.
3. GRASSES - You might think of green lawn where you hear “grass” but grasses are fabulous for bringing movement to the border. Add a grass here or there and you can transform your garden and bring your borders to life.
4. FERNS - Not just for the darkest corners of the garden, ferns are perfect for pots and most will grow in a sunny spot too, just make sure that the soil is reasonable to good and you can grow them. These hardy plants bring texture and a bit of the “exotic” to the garden.
5. ALSTROMERIA - This is the flowering perennial to grow if you want long lasting flowers for inside the house! Long or short-stemmed, these flowers last and last once picked and will flower again in the border too.
6 GERANIUMS - An enormous group of plants! These hardy perennials are perfect for beginner gardeners and gardeners with less time. Leaf, flower size and colour vary as do height and spread. There is a Geranium for everyone and they are such good “doers”.
7. POTENTILLA - A shrub that just flowers and flowers. Pretty Buttercup- like blooms cover the plant from early summer right through till autumn. Colours vary from white to cream, lemon, yellow, orange and red. Can be grown informally, or trimmed to a neat shape.
8. PITTOSPORUM - This is an evergreen shrub that many people use for flower arrangements, as it is quite quick to grow. Trim to the shape you desire, or even remove the bottom branches to form a small tree.
9. VIBURNUM - Either evergreen or not, there are some lovely varieties. Try Viburnum Opulus for huge “Snowball” flowers or Viburnum Tinus and all its variations for flowers, berries and leaves all year round.
10. CISTUS - An evergreen shrub with pretty, papery flowers in white and shades of pink, some with darker markings. Perfect for the front or middle of the border. Likes a well drained and sunny spot - perfect for the patio or terrace.
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