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                 Geraldine and Paul Arnold of Paugers Plants, Depden, talk about how they set up their business and select some shrubs and perennials to suit most gardens
Paugers Plants is a family run business. We started growing plants for ourselves in 1992 and soon had the bug. We liked the satisfaction of
growing and being outside in the fresh air. Having decided this was what we wanted to do, we started to look for somewhere to base our business. We
found a place and this is where you can
find us now (between Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill) - although initially it was a far cry from its current condition.
Where the nursery is now was just a rough field and there was no garden to go with the property - just more rough grass! Anyway, after much groundwork we got ourselves a polytunnel and started growing plants. We decided to grow hardy shrubs and perennials. Not
wanting to specialise in any one particular plant, the idea was that someone could visit the nursery and find most of the plants they would need to make a nice garden. We have our own garden next to the nursery and visitors are welcome to walk around the beds and see if anything catches their eye. It also allows visitors to see how the plants grow in situ, rather than in pots.
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