5 effective tips for presenting your property for viewings

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions count.

Posted: February 26, 2018

Property for viewings

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions count. A potential buyer will be creating an image of your property in their head, imagining themselves living within those four walls, long before they pass through the front door.

By following these five tips, you can present your home effectively, thus maximising your chance of selling in the quickest possible time.

1. Tidy the Outdoor Space

As it’s the first thing people see of your property, straightening out the exterior is as important as tidying the inside. Mowing the lawn, pulling up weeds and tidying the children’s toys are all quick ways of improving the general feel of a garden.

Planting seasonal plants can quickly add colour, while clean guttering and freshly painted window frames give the exterior of your home an immediate facelift and shows that you care about your property.

Top Tip: Give your shed a spring clean. An extension of the living space, an uncluttered shed offers potential as a home office or a simple retreat from daily life that is appealing to many buyers.

2. Declutter your home

A simple trick, removing clutter makes your home appear tidier and therefore roomier. Put kitchen appliances in cupboards and cut down on the number of shampoo bottles in the shower to quickly create the illusion of more space.

Putting bulky items of furniture into storage should also make a room appear more expansive.

Don’t forget, buyers like to visualise themselves living in your home, so remove any of your own personal effects, such as family photos or large paintings that may make this process difficult.

Top Tip: Remove unwanted items from view, donate them to charity or even sell them.

3. Complete Those DIY Tasks

You know that leaky tap that keeps dripping? Or the cupboard doors that squeak every time they’re opened? They need fixing long before anyone pops around for a viewing. People don’t want to think they’ll have lots of minor DIY jobs to complete when they move into a new home. So, do the hard work for them and reap the benefits.

Top Tip: Clean everywhere! Look out for cobwebs, dust dark corners and scour grouting on the bathroom tiles to enhance the overall feel of a room.

4. Good Lighting is key

A straightforward way to make your house appear homelier is to improve the lighting. Replacing broken bulbs or strategically placing lamps can add light to dark corners, making rooms appear bigger and the property more attractive generally.

In daylight hours, clean windows will let in maximum amounts of light. Sparkling windows also highlight the views, so tidy overgrown trees or bushes and show off the surroundings.

Top Tip: Buffing your windows with crumpled newspaper will give the glass an extra sparkle.

5. Eliminate bad smells

Nothing puts a prospective buyer off more than a property that smells bad. Stale cigarette smoke, pets or old cooking smells can leave a nasty taste in the mouth. These odours can linger on curtains or furniture and are immediately noticeable to someone new entering your home.

Air fresheners can mask odours but airing the property by opening the windows is a more effective option. Likewise, clean bed sheets, plants or fresh coffee can make the property feel more homely and appealing.

Top Tip: Leaving bowls of vinegar around the home is an effective way of neutralising smoke odour.

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