EA Festival to launch FREE concerts at The Keep of Hedingham Castle

This summer, EA Festival, the acclaimed ideas and performing arts festival, will launch live music at The Keep of Hedingham Castle

Posted: May 19, 2023

live music at The Keep of Hedingham Castle

This summer, EA Festival, the acclaimed ideas and performing arts festival, will launch live music at The Keep of Hedingham Castle, with a roster of world-class talent performing across several genres of music, from jazz to musical theatre, with a little bit of opera sprinkled on top.

In keeping with the Festival’s reputation for minting exciting new talent and presenting best-in-class performers and speakers, the musical line-up at the Keep will wow and entertain you all weekend and includes:

  • Christina Johnston is a soprano who has performed at top opera houses. On Saturday, 10 June, at The Keep, she will entrance and transport festival goers with her soaring voice, singing favourites from both musical theatre and opera.
  • The Sol Grimshaw Trio has performed at top clubs like Ronnie Scotts and Pizza Express and toggles with ease between different genres. The trio will treat us to different sets at the Keep — Gypsy Swing and Vintage Jazz – on the Sunday of the Festival, 11th June.
  • Steven Yallop performs repertoire ranging from Musical Theatre, Rat Pack to Pop. His powerful voice and direct connection with audiences explains why he has sold out the Apex in Bury St. Edmunds three times. At EA Festival, he will perform throughout the weekend at The Keep.
  • Aaliyah Zhané – Sultry and sensuous are the best adjectives to describe this exciting new voice in neo-soul. Aaliyah can belt it out or weave a web of shimmering sound with her silken vocals. Aaliyah will perform on both Saturday and Sunday at The Keep.

To accompany the concerts, the first and second floors of the Keep will play host to some fascinating workshops and talks:

  • Introduction to Collaging with Mutiiiny – in this relaxing workshop that will awaken the inner craftsperson, participants will roll up their sleeves to create a collage with Peter Thorndike, collage artist and typography designer.
  • How to Become Resilient, a talk and workshop with John-Paul Flintoff – in this participatory talk, audience members will learn how to stay strong when things get tough and recognize when they are approaching a breaking point.
  • What They Never Taught You at School (but You Need To Know), a workshop with John-Paul Flintoff – the information and knowledge that is taught at a conventional school must be something that can be tested and measured. Therefore, many forms of knowing are never developed. In this playful and interactive workshop, John-Paul will help participants find their inner calling and greater meaning and fulfillment in life by identifying and following their instincts.
  • Theatre of You with John-Paul Flintoff – You may not believe that your personal history is conventionally exciting – like a Tom Cruise movie – but it is still important and can be very touching. In this improvised drama, John-Paul will work with members of the audience to tell their stories. Through careful framing and gentle questions, they will discover that their own stories are more important and dramatic than they ever imagined. John-Paul will select from those volunteers who wish to take the stage but all audience members, even if they prefer to watch others, will find Theatre of You a revelation.
  • How to Shop Charity Shops, a Beginner’s Guide with personal stylist Donna Tweedale
  • How to Shop More Sustainably – What You Can Learn from Your Own Wardrobe with personal stylist Donna Tweedale
  • ‘Blow Out the Cobwebs’ with renowned cultural entomologist Bridget Nicholls – in this curious talk and walk, Bridget will explain the significant ways insects have been our muses in the arts, sciences and life and then take the group on an insect walk to rediscover the inner naturalist around the grounds of Hedingham Castle.

Most of the workshops are ticketed but FREE.

All the concerts and most of the other events are FREE but EA Festival suggests a voluntary donation of £5. For the full programme and to book tickets, visit eafestival.com

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