The best ways to generate reviews for your holiday lettings

Positive guest reviews are more than just a pat on the back; they are an essential component of your property's success.

Posted: May 15, 2024

generate reviews for your holiday lettings

The landscape of holiday lettings is competitive, especially in such a favoured area as East Anglia. Positive guest reviews are more than just a pat on the back; they are an essential component of your property’s success. Reviews not only enhance visibility but also build trust and confidence among potential guests. But how do you entice guests to leave reviews?

Here are some innovative and effective strategies, tried and tested by David Burr holidays lets, to encourage more guests to share their experiences.

1. Create a unique welcome

Encouraging a review starts from arrival. First impressions are everything. Personalise your guest’s arrival experience to make it memorable. A welcome basket featuring local East Anglian products like Suffolk cheese or other local produce, can set a warm, inviting tone. Add a note asking them to leave a review if they enjoy their stay or to contact you if there are any concerns.

2. Make the whole experience something your guests want to rave about

Ensure that every aspect of your holiday letting is geared towards comfort and convenience. Provide a comprehensive welcome book that includes instructions for appliances, recommendations for local dining, and tips on hidden gems to explore in East Anglia. Reliable Wi-Fi, a well-equipped kitchen, and cleanliness are non-negotiables that can lead to positive reviews. In our experience, guests tend to only leave exemplary reviews or bad ones, there’s no middle ground, so aim for the top!

3. Engage with guests

A mid-stay message asking if they need any more supplies or have any questions shows that you care about their comfort. This personal touch often translates into positive feedback.

4. Check in after they’ve left

Guests are usually busy when leaving and immediately after their stay. But you can send an email or even a postcard a few days later, to ask them about their stay and requesting they leave a review.

5. Make leaving a review easy

Simplify the review process. Include direct links to the review page. You can even make a QR code in your departure note that leads directly to the review page.

6. Respond to reviews

Guests like to feel their individual review matters and that you listen. So, engage with your reviewers by responding to their comments and this will encourage others to leave reviews too. Thank guests for positive reviews and address any negative feedback diplomatically and constructively. This not only shows that you value feedback but also that you are committed to improving your service.

7. Create an incentive

Encourage reviews by running a contest. For instance, every guest who leaves a review could be entered into a quarterly draw to win a free weekend getaway at one of your properties.

8. Be smart with social media

Use your social media platforms by featuring guest reviews and experiences. Encourage guests to share their stories on their social platforms while tagging your property, or feature reviews on your own channels.

When you choose David Burr as your holiday letting agency, we help you encourage guests to leave reviews by implementing the above. We know just how important they are.

Posted: May 15, 2024   •   Posted in: Holiday Lets

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