Is your property in a prime holiday let location in Suffolk?

If you’re looking to purchase a property let in Suffolk, where should you consider buying to ensure your property is highly attractive to visitors

Posted: November 9, 2023

Is your property in a prime holiday let location in Suffolk?

More than 40 million tourists visit Suffolk every year. But where do they stay? It’s actually quite hard to track down hard facts and figures, but what we do know is that location is everything. Visitors to Suffolk pick their holiday let with location as the number one determining factor and that’s whythe same names consistently come up, including Lavenham, Southwold, Bury St Edmunds, Aldeburgh, Framlingham and Long Melford.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a property let in Suffolk, where should you consider buying to ensure your property is highly attractive to visitors?

1. Lavenham

Nestled amidst rolling countryside, Lavenham is like a step back in time. Its well-preserved medieval architecture, quaint streets, and charming timber-framed buildings create a picture-perfect setting. Tourists flock here to immerse themselves in history, wandering through the historic village square and exploring the local boutiques and tea rooms. A diverse range of attractions including the National Trust Grade I Listed Guildhall, Priory Gardens and famous Swan Hotel are a reliable draw for holiday-seekers. The lifestyle Lavenham affords often carries a premium in property prices but for many, its more than worth it. Alternatively, nearby villages have much to offer including their proximity to Lavenham and often come with a lesser price tag. Why not explore Sudbury, Monks Eleigh, Chelsworth and Bildeston to name a few.

2. Southwold

Southwold is Suffolk’s seaside gem, known for its picturesque beach huts, vibrant pier, and traditional British charm. It’s a haven for families looking to relax by the sea, as well as those in search of fresh seafood and artisanal shopping. The appeal of Southwold lies in its timeless seaside ambiance, making it a coveted destination for holidaymakers year after year, not to mention it’s home to the world famous Adnams Brewery!

3. Bury St Edmunds

Combining rich history with a vibrant cultural scene, Bury St Edmunds offers a dynamic holiday experience. This historic market town contains a stunning cathedral, Abbey Gardens, and a thriving food and drink scene. Visitors come here for a huge range of amenities in a picturesque setting with the additional benefit that Bury is centrally located within the county providing easy access to the rest of Suffolk.

4. Aldeburgh

For lovers of coastal beauty and culture, Aldeburgh is a dream destination. Its shingle beach, colourful fishing boats and annual music and arts festivals draw visitors seeking a relaxed yet culturally enriching experience. Aldeburgh’s connection to composer Benjamin Britten adds to its allure, making it a hotspot for music enthusiasts too, and the fish and chips on Aldeburgh High Street are not to be missed!

5. Framlingham

Framlingham, with its majestic castle and charming market square, exudes timeless appeal. This market town attracts tourists looking to explore its historical sites, stroll along its charming streets, and dine in its cosy pubs. Its central location in Suffolk makes it a convenient base for exploring the wider area.

6. Long Melford

Long Melford’s stunning church, grand houses, and antique shops make it a magnet for history enthusiasts and antique lovers. The village’s picturesque setting and historic charm create a vibrant atmosphere rich with activities and attractions amidst beautiful countryside, perfect for visitors seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Long Melford

Where else?

The popularity of these Suffolk destinations is not accidental; each offers a unique blend of attractions that appeal to various types of tourists. If we look at the common elements of these locations then you can also pick other Suffolk gems as long as they tick the same boxes:

Heritage and history

Many visitors come to explore Suffolk’s historic sites and old-world villages.

Scenic beauty

Famed as part of Constable Country, visitors expect rolling countryside and coastal vistas.


Suffolk is popular for its cultural scene from music to food to literature.

Peace and quiet

Visitors to Suffolk are typically looking for an opportunity to slow down and relax.


Pick a location that’s easy to get to and easy to reach the main Suffolk sights.

Investing in a holiday let in a sought-after Suffolk location is a rewarding venture. Get advice on where to buy by calling us on 01787 888698.

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