Read our tips to increase your kerb appeal

With us all spending more time at home, it is an opportunity to pay closer attention to our homes where we usually don't have the time to.

Posted: May 6, 2020

Increase your kerb appeal

Especially the front of our homes! If you were planning on getting your property on the market you can still prepare for this during this time. Making a good first impression is key when presenting your home; and the first thing potential buyers see is the front of your house. The homes that perform the best are the ones that can grab the attention from the off, and thankfully, maximising your kerb appeal doesn’t have to break the bank! So we’ve included some tips below:

1) Front and centre

The front door is always a good place to start, especially as it’s one of the first things that people see when it comes to your home. UPVC doors can be cleaned easily enough with the right product, and if you’ve a wooden door, why not consider a fresh lick of paint? You can also bring your garage or front gate into the equation for a bit of colourful synchronicity.

Giving your letterboxes and door handles a polish shows good attention to detail, but if they’re looking a little tired, don’t be afraid to replace them.

2) Plot your path to success

The path to your front door or outdoor paving stones can get dirty with ease, so applying some TLC, whether that’s with a pressure washer or a good ol’ bucket of warm water and a scrubbing implement will instantly help your outside space.

If you have paving stones, then keeping your weeds in check is also a shrewd move; pulling out the weed killer for large front porches, paths or driveways will make things look far neater.

3) Plant an impression

A simple touch, but an effective one. Adding some greenery around your front door suggests to the naked eye that you take care of your property and look after your home, so look into some potted plants to go outside your front door. Hanging baskets are another option if ground space is limited.

4) Window dressing

The windows on your front room are another area where little touches can make a big difference. Keep on top on cleaning your curtains and blinds for a tidy appearance, and also the inside of your windows. If your windows aren’t providing you with enough insulation, you could even look at replacing them altogether in the future.

5) Night Lights

Finally, take a look at the area around your front door at night and imagine how much more welcoming it could be with a bit of light. A solar-powered light is easy to install, charges itself during the day and won’t cost you extra in your bills! If you have an outdoor power supply this will help if you’re looking to install something akin to a classic-style lamp, but you needn’t go overboard.