David Burr Dream Homes: Thatched Roofs

Dream Homes – Thatched Roofs

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Beautiful to look at, thatched roofs have that ‘olde worlde’ charm. They’re romantic and make a house feel ‘alive’. Made of straw and reed it is no wonder a thatched house seems to breathe. Eco-friendly, reed is a great insulator, keeping your home warm and quiet. Especially popular in our region – nearly a tenth […]

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Chocolate Box Cottages

What makes a chocolate box cottage?

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What is a chocolate box cottage? The term ‘chocolate box’ originates from late Victorian times. Today it is used to describe something which is ‘sentimentally appealing or pretty in a conventional way’. Gaining popularity in the mid-20th Century, the phrase ‘chocolate box cottage’ derives from the picturesque scenes printed on boxes of Cadbury’s chocolates throughout […]

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