Dream swimming pools

Dream Homes – Top Swimming Pools

Posted: August 10, 2017   •   Posted in: Properties   •   Tagged: , ,

In the summer there’s nothing better than diving into the clear blue waters of a swimming pool, and unwinding with a few lengths of an evening. If the pool’s in your garden or a dedicated pool house it’s even more luxurious. Below we’ve compiled some of our favourite recent listings with swimming pools. If you’re […]

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The swimming pond company

Fancy a dip? We look at why people are choosing swimming ponds over the traditional garden pool

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Swimming ponds immerse you in a natural world, and offer an alternative to the more industrially made garden pool. It’s easy to see the appeal of swimming ponds. Floating around in crystal clear water, surrounded by reeds and lilies, with dragonflies hovering overhead, you are at one with nature. Such a natural setting makes taking […]

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