Top tips for a swift spring clean

It’s officially time for a spring clean!

Posted: March 31, 2020

Swift spring clean

Whether the lighter days and warmer weather have got you in the mood for a post-winter spruce up or you’re looking to get your home presentable for a spring sale, we have some tips for cleaning your home.


The first and hardest step in the entire process. It’s vital you take a brutal stance when it comes to decluttering your home. If you don’t like a decoration or if you have an outfit that you haven’t worn since 2010, just throw them away or donate them. Don’t just focus on one room – ensure you search every part of your house, especially in rooms like the kitchen and bedrooms where clutter can quickly get out of hand.

The problem with clutter is it quickly manages to grow again! You might wish to consider setting up a bag, box or bin that you can designate as a “donation bin”. In the future, you will be able to sort clutter as you come across it, and then donate it all to charity as soon as you fill up the bin.

The bedroom

Your wardrobe is a key area you should focus on when having a de-clutter, however, unlike other areas of your home, there is potential money to be made when clearing this area! If you have a hardly worn item of clothing, consider putting it on a Facebook sale page or eBay to generate a little extra pocket money.

There are also some areas of the bedroom(s) that will most likely be in need of a little TLC. Make sure you clean underneath all the beds, dust the curtain rails and even consider flipping the mattress.


Oven Cleaning

The kitchen

It’s more important than ever now that our surfaces are kept clean using disinfectant. Did you know that you should leave disinfectant untouched on a surface for around 30 seconds before you wipe the area? This is so it has time to work and kill harmful viral bacteria. You should clean your work surfaces more frequently as well, to keep the germs at bay.

After the surfaces, there are a few areas of the kitchen that can prove to be a big job on their own. After you have finished de-cluttering your cupboards of old pots and spices you only used that one time, you should then turn your attention to the appliances.

The fridge is a good place to start. Clear out all the old produce and table sauces, give it a really good clean to get rid of all the odours and then try to stay on top of its organisation, which will save you a job in the future.

Have you been avoiding cleaning the microwave for the past few months? Luckily, there is a quick and easy way to clean your grease spattered appliance. Simply place a combination of vinegar and water in the microwave, heat it up for ten minutes until the solution is steaming, then simply wipe away the grease. 

The bathroom

The bathroom is another time-consuming job. The tiles, floors, toilet, bath and sink may be ready for a deep clean. This requires a full gutting of all the beauty and hygiene products, and a good deal of manual labour to remove any troublesome stains like limescale or mould that might have built up over the winter.

There are thousands of home remedies available on the internet so if you’re short on cleaning products, you will likely have the right substitutes at hand. So, roll up your sleeves, snap on the yellow gloves and give it a bit of elbow grease.

Our little secret…

Want to add the perfect touch to your spring clean? Take a leaf out of our book and put a cup of vanilla extract in the oven for an hour. Your home will smell like a bakery in no time!

Posted: March 31, 2020   •   Posted in: General News

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