6 Top tips for selling or letting your property in winter

When prepared properly your home can be presented at its cosiest during the winter months.

Posted: October 24, 2019

Letting your property in winter

It’s often believed that spring and summer are the best times to sell property. Or that cooler months put off potential purchasers. Oft overlook by those looking to sell their homes, winter can in fact be a profitable time for vendors.

These misassumptions actually mean there can be less competition during the winter period as fewer people look to list their property. It also sifts out buyers who are less committed, as they’re less willing to brave the colder weather.

When prepared properly, your home can be presented at its cosiest during the winter months, showcasing it as a haven against the freezing temperatures outside. To help your home sell this winter, follow our top tips…

1. Make the most of natural light

When selling your property, natural light is your friend. It makes everything appear brighter and more natural than artificial light. But there are less daylight hours during the winter months. To make the most of the light that is available, book viewings earlier in the day and consider hosting viewings at the weekends so people who work full time can view your property at its best.

Of course, the winter sun is not as bright as it is during the summer. To maximise the natural light available, ensure all the windows are cleaned, so they let in the most light possible.

2. Keep it bright

If viewings are to take place in the evenings, it pays to make the property as bright as possible. Put on all the lights in the house, including those under cooker hoods and desk lamps. This will help to brighten the property, making it more welcoming to potential purchasers.

Check all the lights work, and if necessary, replace dull bulbs with bright, high wattage ones. Adding lamps can brighten dark corners, making the room appear bigger, and highlighting the potential of the whole room.

If you have one, lighting a roaring fire will create a homely feel. With the curtains drawn, this can give the impression of security, with the cold weather outside shut out.

3. Make sure it’s warm

Creating a cosy, homely atmosphere is your ultimate goal. As well as lighting a fire, making sure the radiators are on is a must. This is especially important in unused rooms, which may normally be unheated.

Pre-set the heating to come on an hour before your viewing to ensure your viewers are toasty inside your home.

4. Create a great first impression

After the hard work put in maintaining the garden space during the summer months, it may be looking a bit messy now the sun is less plentiful. First impressions count, so ensure the grass is neatly trimmed and pathways clear of seasonal obstacles. Brush away fallen leaves, snow or moss to prevent accidents on approaching your property.

Clear away or cover redundant garden furniture and trim overhanging branches or overgrown bushes. An outside light can brighten any outdoor space, while winter bedding plants can add colour and increase your property’s kerb appeal.

5. Follow year-round best practices

Preparing your home effectively is not just for the winter months. Decluttering, completing minor DIY jobs and tidying thoroughly are things that should be done ahead of any viewing. Read our blog ‘5 effective tips for presenting your property for viewings‘ to discover our top tips for showcasing your home to its maximum.

6. Choose the right estate agent

As a winter sale can go on through the Christmas period, it’s important to choose an estate agent with good availability throughout December. Having to wait until January to conduct viewings may mean missing out on buyers, especially at a time when many themselves are on annual leave. David Burr are open from the 27th meaning we can help keep a sale moving or start a property search, even over the Christmas period.

Sell your home in East Anglia this Autumn/Winter

With committed buyers and lower competing properties, autumn and winter can be a great time to market your property. If you’re looking to sell or let your home in Suffolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire in the last quarter of 2019, speak to our experienced teams today. Utilising market leading online and offline marketing methods, we’ll promote your property to an engaged audience. Contact your local office, pop in and see us, or fill in our online form to arrange a free property valuation today.