Behind the scenes with one of our property photographers

When you’re trying to sell what is likely to be the most expensive asset you own it pays to work with an agent who understands the importance of showcasing your property.

Posted: March 28, 2018

You’ve instructed your agent and now it’s time to have photographs taken of your property, so they can be used for marketing purposes. Often people think that this is something that anyone equipped with a smartphone can do. But when you’re trying to sell what is likely to be the most expensive asset you own it pays to work with an agent who understands the importance of showcasing your property.

We thought we would go behind the scenes to show you how we approach a typical shoot for some of the larger properties we have the privilege of marketing.

So, on a grey dull day at Kentford, we joined Mike Higginson, one of our team of photographers, at Kirkfield House, a beautiful property we have recently been instructed to market.

“We typically allow up to 2 hours per property to get the images we are looking for,” says Mike who has been photographing high-end properties for over 13 years.

But the job doesn’t end after we’ve taken the photos. It can take another 2 hours in the studio selecting and editing the best shots that will finally be used in the property particulars.

How do we photograph the inside of your home in the best possible light?

Taking photographs indoors is a skill. Painting a room with light can make all the difference between having an average shot and one that positively reflects the room at its best. Using a top of the range, full frame camera Mike has 8 different lights to brighten up a room and avoid having underexposed photographs.

In a world where images can be adjusted using Photoshop at a touch of a button, Mike has strong views on what can and can’t be edited in the darkroom.

“We won’t edit out flaws in a room such as cracks in a wall or the colour of the decoration. We are looking to present the property in the best possible light and therefore we work with the homeowner to prepare the rooms prior to our visit. It is always better to move an overflowing rubbish bin or a pile of washing waiting to be ironed, rather than trying to edit it out at after the event in the studio”.

Before Mike takes any photographs, he walks around the property with the owner to understand which rooms are going to showcase their home to its best. He then prepares the room by moving objects which don’t add to the image, plumping up cushions and generally casting an experienced eye over the room before taking any photos. Using a tripod to get pin sharp images each room can take up to ten minutes to get the just so shots he’s looking for.

Attract home buyers with high-quality external property photography

The outside of the property is also equally important. Mike has used a telescopic pole system for getting those birds’ eye shots for many years now. Using this method, he can compose the photograph using an app on his phone or iPad which links wirelessly with his camera in the sky. Mike predominantly uses the pole system, which can go up to 17m high but will also use drones when a greater height is required or where the property covers a larger area.

Mike has photographed houses for the rich and famous but takes the same attention to detail on whatever shoot he is working on. At David Burr, we recognise the importance of great looking photographs in order to give your property the best possible opportunity to attract interest from potential buyers. If the images are poor you’re going to limit the sales potential of getting potential viewings.

The importance of professional photography in selling your home

Selecting an agent who understands the importance of good photography is essential to help market your property professionally. At David Burr, we have a complement of photographers who have years of experience in showcasing your property in the best possible light.

2016 research by Harris Interactive showed 47% of the UK population used a property search website in the previous 12 months. With more and more people starting their property search online, having professional photography is a must. When marketed further on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, high-quality imagery can create even more interest in your property.

At the end of the shoot, Mike packs up his equipment and heads to the studio to prepare the final image selection to go in the all-important property particulars. “It’s a rewarding job when you see the fruits of your labour and you hear the positive feedback from satisfied clients,” says Mike.

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