Front doors: what does yours say about you?

As estate agents serving East Anglia, we've come to appreciate the subtle messages conveyed by front doors. Let's take a peek at what your front door might be saying about you.

Posted: March 27, 2024

Front doors: what does yours say about you?

Your front door is more than just an entry point to your home; it’s a statement about you and your property. Just like a handshake, it sets the tone for what lies beyond. And that matters for what it says about you, your lifestyle and property type, but it really matters when it comes to the kerb appeal of your property.

Potential buyers often make a snapshot opinion on the overall look of the property from photos and the front door can make or break their first impression. What’s more, it’s common for would-be buyers to do drive-bys of properties before even booking a viewing. The front door hints at what lies within – a period property renovated in keeping, a smartly kept modern property, or a quaint Suffolk cottage lovingly cared for. Or it could hint at a neglected or unloved home beyond.

The character of your front door, the character of you

Classic elegance

A timeless wooden door, perhaps even the original door as long as it’s well-cared for, speaks of tradition and sophistication. If your front door exudes classic elegance, it suggests that you value craftsmanship and heritage. Visitors (and potential buyers) can expect warmth and period features inside.

Vibrant personalities

Do you have a bold hued front door like sunny yellow, vibrant red, or electric blue? This choice reflects an outgoing personality. It hints at creativity and a willingness to stand out. Behind such a door, it’s likely we might find an interior bursting with personality and character. This can work well, but some buyers find it tricky to look beyond the tastes of the owner when imagining themselves in the property.

Minimalist chic

A sleek, understated door in neutral tones such as black, white, or grey suggests a preference for simplicity and modernity. Those who opt for minimalist chic are likely to maintain a tidy, clutter-free home with clean lines and contemporary décor. These properties are usually completely renovated or modern, allowing buyers to move in with minimal decorative or restoration work.

Rustic charm

A weathered wooden door with wrought iron accents or a charmingly aged paint finish can be the epitome of charm as it conveys a down-to-earth nature and an appreciation for the beauty of imperfection. It can inspire buyers looking to add value to a property, but may put off others who worry if property maintenance has been neglected.


Double doors, perhaps over-sized, make a statement and suggest opulence within. It suggests a taste for luxury and a desire to make a statement. They suit large high-end properties.

Characterful cottages

Cottage doors can be quaint or stable-style, with a welcoming knocker, and evoke feelings of homeliness. When people see these doors, they expect a cosy inside, with original features.

Increasingly, potential buyers look to the front door (and windows) for a hint at the eco-credentials of the property before deciding to view. Composite well-fitting doors, or sustainable reclaimed wood or bamboo hint at a property that has sustainability at its core.

If you’re considering selling your property or looking for your dream home in East Anglia, remember that the front door is just the beginning of the journey. It hints at what lies beyond, and matters for kerb appeal.

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