Answered! The top 8 questions people ask Google about Estate Agents

Posted: March 13, 2019

Estate agent carrying out a valuation

According to Google, the 10 highest searched topics in the UK in 2018 included queries about the World Cup, the Royal Wedding, Black Panther and Fortnite! In this blog post we look at, and answer, some of the most asked questions about the subject of estate agency.

If you have any more questions about how David Burr can help you move home in East Anglia, or relocate to the region please contact your local office. Don’t ask us about Fortnite though – we’ll leave that to the kids!

Are estate agents allowed to lie about other offers?

Estate Agents work for both the seller and the buyer on a home sale. The vendor obviously wants the best possible price for their property, while the buyer wants to purchase it for the lowest amount. Estate Agents work as the middle man and are skilled at getting the best price for both parties.

To ensure this is achieved, an estate agent may tell a prospective buyer about other offers that may be on the table. It is, however, illegal for an agent to mislead their clients. This includes making up ‘phantom’ offers. A reputable estate agent won’t resort to these tactics, so check out their testimonials to see how previous customers were dealt with.

Can estate agents let themselves in?

Estate agent viewings – It is often a good idea to give your agent a spare key, so viewings can be arranged at short notice. An estate agent will not, however, conduct a viewing without letting you know first.

Landlords/Lettings Agents – Unless there is an emergency, landlords must give tenants 24 hours’ written notice before they can enter the property. This also applies if viewings are arranged near the end of a tenancy agreement.

Can estate agents give bad references?

Before agreeing to let a home to you, letting agents will check certain criteria, including a credit check, proof of employment and proof of residency. They will also seek a reference from your current landlord or letting agent, which must be honest and accurate.

Are estate agents regulated?

In the UK, estate agents are regulated by the Estate Agents Act 1979 (EAA 1979). This legislation ensures the agent works in the best interest of their clients, and that buyers and sellers are treated honestly and fairly.

The act is enforced by the National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team.

David Burr is accredited by NAEA Propertymark, providing our clients with the reassurance that we offer client money protection, professional indemnity insurance and are members of an independent redress scheme.

Property for sale in Suffolk

How does an estate agent value property?

Estate agents are expert at valuing homes. During a valuation, they will look at local amenities, as well as the size of the house and its current condition. Before they’ve even set foot in your property, they should have done their research and will know average sale prices in the area, local amenities such as schools and bus stops. This will allow them to make an accurate valuation, which could be achieved when the property goes to market.

Will estate agents let to students?

Who a landlord chooses to let their home to is their decision. Just like they can choose to have tenants with no children or pets. While landlords cannot discriminate based on race or disability, they can choose not to let to students.

Likewise, for landlords with property in student areas, they often actively seek students to rent their property to.

Are estate agents open on Saturdays?

As many families are only able to view properties at weekends it makes sense that they open on Saturdays.

All David Burr offices are open until 4pm on Saturdays.

Are traditional estate agents dying out?

Online only estate agents make big promises but currently have a small market share. Research by Statista shows that in 2018, transactions from online-only agents amounted for just 7.2% of all property transactions.

Online estate agents often offer low flat fees, however, their lack of local knowledge may mean they are unable to sell as effectively as a traditional agent.

David Burr Estate Agents specialise in unique and interesting properties in East Anglia

With a wealth of experience, our staff have been dealing with all types of property in Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire for years. Our offices are prominently located to cover the whole of East Anglia, and we have some of the most interesting properties in the region for sale or to let.

If you wish to sell your home through David Burr, please visit your local office.

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