The best ways to make your holiday let stand out from the competition

In the picturesque region of East Anglia, where charming villages meet stunning coastlines, there is an abundance of holiday lettings. With such a competitive market, it's essential to make your property shine amidst the crowd.

Posted: March 21, 2024

Here are some tried and tested strategies to ensure your holiday lettings stand out and attract guests seeking unforgettable experiences.

Stunning presentation

First impressions matter. Ensure your holiday lettings are impeccably presented both online and in person. Professional photography showcasing the property’s best features, along with detailed descriptions highlighting amenities and unique selling points, can captivate potential guests and set your listing apart from the rest.

Distinctive character

Infuse your holiday let with character and charm through thoughtful design choices. Whether it’s coastal-inspired interiors, rustic chic furnishings in a Suffolk cottage, or modern minimalism in a town apartment, a distinctive style can create a memorable stay for guests seeking something special and different from home.

Excellent amenities

Consider the needs and desires of your target guests and provide amenities that exceed their expectations. From luxurious bedding and spa-like bathrooms to fully equipped kitchens and entertainment options, offering carefully thought out amenities can showcase the guest experience that bookers will enjoy, encouraging them to make a booking. They will leave an excellent impression too.

Personal touches

Make guests feel welcomed and valued by incorporating personal touches throughout their stay. Holiday lettings guests often choose this type of accommodation for the unique experience, rather than the one-size-fits-all uniformity of a hotel. Personal touches like locally sourced welcome baskets evoke a sense of connection and help ensure each guest has a unique stay.

Reliable booking and service

In favoured tourist areas, like Suffolk, it’s very difficult to stand out from the crowd as a lone holiday let. When you come together with other holiday lets through a reputable holiday lettings management and listing, you get the benefit of strength in numbers and the reputation and services of a larger company. At David Burr, we are responsive to guest enquiries and requests, streamline bookings, create exceptional listings and go above and beyond to ensure guests needs are met throughout their stay. Additionally, you benefit from our marketing approach to promote your holiday lettings and reach a wider audience.

Consider the unusual extras

Of course it’s vital to consider the property, but try to think beyond this. Can you connect guests with local services such as private chefs, wellness therapists or offer unique opportunities such as letting young guests collect eggs from your chickens? Think about the guests your property attracts and consider what you


Cater to pet owners by welcoming furry friends into your holiday lettings. Implementing pet-friendly policies and providing amenities such as pet beds, bowls, and nearby pet-friendly attractions (and walks!) can attract a niche market of travellers seeking pet-friendly accommodation options. Increasingly, those visiting East Anglia want to bring their dog with them, so consider if this is something you can offer.


Showcase your commitment to sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices and initiatives within your holiday lettings. From energy-efficient appliances and helping guests to recycle, to pointing out the nearest organic farm shop, eco-conscious travellers will appreciate your efforts to minimise environmental impact.

By implementing these strategies, you can differentiate your holiday lettings from the competition and create unforgettable experiences that keep guests coming back time after time.

We’re here to help your holiday letting stand out from the crowd. Find out more about our holiday let management service.

Posted: March 21, 2024   •   Posted in: Holiday Lets

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