Tips for hosting a successful open house

Selling your property through the process of an open house requires a different approach to traditional house viewings. Follow this guide to get the most from your open house.

Posted: February 28, 2019

Open House in Suffolk


What is an open house?

An open house is a convenient way to sell your property. Rather than conducting viewings over many days or weeks, one day is set apart for all viewings. A popular method of selling in Australia and America, open houses are becoming ever more fashionable in the UK.

While, of course, the best thing about an open house is that all the viewings take place on one day. Only having to prepare the house for viewings once is a lot more convenient than having to keep it pristine for a longer period after all.

There are many more benefits to selling via this method.

Due to the less formal atmosphere of an open house viewing, prospective buyers may be more willing to view your home than they would have been had it been marketed via a more traditional method.

Usually, viewers are given short time slots in which to view the property, however, at a traditional open house, many people may look around at the same time. This can create a less pressurised atmosphere as more people are around and may ask the questions others are too embarrassed to ask.

Who should hold an open house?

Whether or not an open house is for you depends on the local market and the target audience for your property. Homes that are guaranteed to have lots of genuine interest may benefit from an open house. Multi-million-pound properties with a specific target market almost certainly won’t.

Speak to the team at David Burr to discuss the best way to market your property.

Should I be present at an open house?

As on a normal house viewing, some owners will want to be present while others will not. As long as you are content with the ability of your agent you should be able to leave the open day up to them.

If you do wish to be present, ensure you’re open and honest, but try not to get in the way of people viewing.

What other tips are there for a successful open house?

  • Prepare your home for the open house in the same way you would a normal house viewing. Follow our 5 effective tips for presenting your property for viewings to get the most from your open house.
  • A successful open house should be held at a time which is convenient for the largest number of viewers. In all likelihood, this will be a be a weekend lunchtime.
  • When selling a property, little touches can make all the difference. Think about providing some refreshments, such as tea and coffee, and maybe some nibbles for your viewers. On a busy day, it will be a gesture that is appreciated.

David Burr can help you to sell your property in East Anglia

Open houses can be an effective method of marketing a property, but they’re not for everyone. Speak to our team for advice on what type of house sale will work best for you. For more information contact your local office.

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