Rooftops Magazine Summer 2017

Posted: June 8, 2017

Rooftops Magazine Summer 2017

Welcome to another edition of ‘Rooftops’, which we hope you will find continues to be a good read, full of interesting, amusing and informative articles.

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We also hope that you might want to consider buying, selling or letting a property through us as well – but if not, at least you’ll know what we do and where to come to when a professional service is required.

As I write this, I am beginning to feel a sense of deja vu with yet another election coming; our view is that the majority of folk in our market are now somewhat immune to elections and are largely disregarding it. This is highly unusual, but very welcome news. There has been no discernible change in the volume of enquiries and certainly no effect upon sales.

The market remains strong but price sensitive, with a limited supply of property coming to market but despite this, overpriced property attracts limited interest – again highly unusual. We would estimate at least 30% less property for sale than the ‘norm’ for this time of year. Until such time as the terms of our withdrawal from Europe are known, our strong advice would be that if you intend to sell, don’t wait; there is exceptional demand.

In the rental market our lettings division continues to grow from strength to strength; yet again, the lack of supply is forcing rents upwards. To some extent this is exacerbated by the low level of sales instructions. So in this area too, we urgently seek to satisfy the demand for high quality housing. So landlords, please consider us!

Best wishes

David Burr