Why are barn conversions so popular?

Barn conversions have been increasingly popular over recent decades. With the Beckhams buying their Chipping Norton barn conversion in 2016, it was no surprise that popularity continued with pace.

Posted: March 8, 2022

Barn conversions

However, the desire for barn conversions is even more robust since the pandemic, with city penthouse dwellers desperate to find their country home with a different lifestyle. So, why are barn conversions so popular?

A distinctly different rural home

There is a vast range of property types when it comes to rural living. There’s a style to suit everyone, from the centuries-old rambling cottage to the Georgian pile. However, a barn conversion stands out as unique, and of course, given its origins, is a decisively ‘country’ option.

However, the appeal goes much further:

Full-height entrances and windows

There are some interesting rules around barn conversions. One means that windows can only use existing openings. This leads to wonderful full height windows using the old cart-height entrance. These windows, flooding the interior with light and a sense of space, are a remarkable feature. In addition, internal windows and mezzanines allow light to transfer throughout the property.

Volume and space

Barn conversions are typically large. They have benefited from the open-plan trend in combination with their large windows. The ceilings are impressively high and aesthetically pleasing with exposed beams. The often vaulted ceilings and open plan interior allow for contemporary styling in a characterful property.


It almost comes with the territory that a barn conversion will be somewhere beautifully rural. The location will always be on or near a previously, or currently, working farm. Their garden space is usually ample but limited; you don’t often get the large scale gardens you would with many large country properties. This makes it more manageable for many looking for a country home. Yet, you will be surrounded by beautiful countryside and treated to walks and great views from your doorstep.

Barn conversions


Barn conversions are a sound investment. You can anticipate getting slightly more for your money with a barn conversion than with a similar-sized country property because they are a little love-hate in terms of desirability. Almost certainly, you’ll move into an already converted and renovated property.


As little as 15 years ago, owning a barn conversion was often a risk for those who wanted modern connectivity and services. In rural locations, services like broadband and mains gas were often a rarity in barn conversions. Now you can likely expect the services you need, all-important for working from home if necessary.

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Informality and style

Many country houses of a similar size to a barn conversion bring an inherent formality to the lifestyle they afford. This can be at odds with an owner’s style. A barn conversion shakes off the ‘trappings’ of a classic country house and allows more informal interiors and decor. At the same time, you won’t be battling against things like original rotting window frames! It’s all the best parts of a new build without the boxy characteristics and all the best features of country living, without the traditional ball and chain. Instead, they have a luxury retreat vibe.

There are a finite number of barn conversions, so they stand out from the crowd. With everything they have to offer that is distinct to them, it’s no wonder that barn conversions are so popular.

Buying and owning a barn conversion is different from any other property type. Check out our guide to buying a barn conversion.

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